Electric and Natural Gas Business...

“It has a lot of useful information!”
–– Pat Wood III, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory

“A useful building block in understanding and influencing energy policy... useful and thought-provoking!”
–– Energy Bar Journal

You can gain usable new strategies or understand crucial new issues on every page of the 500 that make up Electricity and Natural Gas Business: Using New Strategies, Understanding the Issues! We cover every industry segment in depth in our 17 chapters and 2 appendices from our authoritative group of 22 authors, plus a clear primer on the Texas market.

Our work pays off for you.
For example, you can:
  • Profit from knowing the price and sources of gas
  • Shelter the reliability of gas delivery
  • Be privy to the strategies for distributed generation
  • Learn the plain truth about the “Hydrogen Economy”
  • Protect yourself from the FERC “market cops”
  • Guard against a new environmental-regulation upheaval

What´s more…

You have a golden opportunity to enjoy the whole, completely integrated series.

Complete Series

For example, with the still-current Electric & Natural Gas Business: Understanding It! you can realize your potential.

  • Anticipate the turnaround! Avoid costly errors in marketing and credit. Cash in soon on the generation shortfall.
  • Gas supply, production insight!
  • Peerless on federal oversight!
  • Best state-regulation tactics! At last there´s an approach to warm state commissioners to allowing risk management.
  • As if that´s not enough, clarifies the threats to open markets!

Additionally, with Natural Gas & Electric Power Industries Analysis, you can make a bundle in such areas as

  • transmission investment
  • emissions trading
  • distributed energy
  • wind power
  • plans of the Minerals Management Service
and a wealth of other crucial knowledge not found elsewhere.

Newcomers will sleep secure after reading the two primers about how the gas and electric industry works.

Last but not least, Natural Gas Industry Analysis is your chance to make top dollar with still-fresh information about

  • gas supply for generation in the Northeast
  • merger-and-acquisition trends
  • ligitation new techniques for risk management weaknesses in power contracts
and an abundance of other reliable information. Again, the information is exclusive to this volume.

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Make big bucks through the completely integrated set – a best buy! The gold mine of 148 tables, 282 figures, and 32 special-purpose appendices in the 1900 pages of analysis in the set alone will pay big dividends.

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Electric & Natural Gas Business: Using New Strategies, Understanding the Issues!

Electric & Natural Gas Business: Understanding It! (2003 and Beyond)

Natural Gas & Electric Power Industries Analysis (2002 and Beyond)

Natural Gas Industry Analysis (2001 and Beyond)

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